Ubiquitous Social Networks for Business

Google’s OpenSocial API’s could make a lot of sense for Business.  I started thinking along these lines after seeing how many of the initial partners in the initiative were quite business related:   companies like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Oracle, for example.  I asked how much longer would businesses swim upstream trying to use Facebook for business networking and communities if OpenSocial plugs … Read More ›

Social Network Fatigue: Different Personalities Want to Spend Time Differently

Do you have children?  If so, you’ve probably heard them say to you many times, “I’m bored.”  Kids are always in search of something to do.  Something other than homework and chores, that is. Do you know many adults like that?  Not too many here.  Most adults I know complain that they don’t have enough time to do what they’d … Read More ›

There May Be a Bubble, But It Isn’t a Casino Economy

I’m stuck chasing Nick Carr around today it seems.  He’s written about some dire predictions by economist Carlota Perez in the NY Times about the effects of companies spending so much money to acquire what are basically small startups.  In Carlota’s view, the normal cycle would see these companies devalued by a bubble burst, and they could be acquired at … Read More ›

If You Want to Favor Diversisty on the Internet, Increase Friction (+ Insights from Genetic Algorithms)

Tim O’Reilly writes about similarities between Facebook, Quant Funds, and the Techmeme Leaderboard.  He says there is a danger of self-fulfilling prophecies when feedback mechanisms emphasize herd behaviour, and that this can ultimately interfere with the wisdom of crowds, which requires a diverse set of independently acting individuals to achieve this effect. This is exactly what I’ve been writing about … Read More ›

The Internet First Breeds Diversity Then Conformity: Punctuated Equilibrium

I read with interest that TechMeme will soon offer a “leader board” (password protected so far) that shows the top 100 blogs. I went through the whole list and obligingly added a few to my reader list.  In the end of the day, I don’t think this list is very interesting because it largely is a force for conformity on the web.  Those … Read More ›