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These are my best articles, arranged in the order you’d need them in if you were planning to start a business through starting it and on to growing it.

Thinking of Starting a Business?

How to discover your business, where to start, and what to do to get your idea nailed down and your website launched.

dont quit your day job meme

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Quit Your Day Job. Yet.

small business failure stories

 Warning! Are Small Business Failure Stories Getting You down?

work smarter not harder

100 Days of Productivity From a Simple Goal Setting Worksheet?

Bush League Tactic #1: Hustle Harder

 Start With an Audience Not a Product If You Want to Win

what to name my business ideas

 Advice for Awesome Business Names

scared cow

Beware of Web Services: Are You the Cow Or the Rancher?

First Blog Post: How to Become a Blogger With Easy Examples


Need to Grow Your Website Traffic?

Be sure you understand what stage of the lifecycle your site is in and which strategies work at each stage.  Then check out some of the specific strategies you can test.  Lastly, understand how the Master Marketers do it.

website traffic growth strategy lifecycle

 Blueprint for Growing Traffic Each Stage of a Website’s Life

instant traffic hacks build your business

11 Instant Traffic Hacks to Build Your Business

quora drives traffic fast is a good source

How Quora Launched My Website Traffic

 Top 15 Master Marketers of the Digital World

Best Analytics of the Marketing Masters

Re-Publish Old Blog Posts to Grow Traffic

Need to Convert More Visitors to Customers?

Just because you’ve got a growing Tribe doesn’t mean they’re buying your products yet.  Let’s work on that with these articles:

How to Fix Your Biggest Problem Converting Visitors to Customers [Lead Nurturing]

mailchimp alternatives sad monkey

Better Than Mailchimp? [Learn When to Upgrade]

facebook pixel tips and tricks

Facebook Pixel Tips & Tricks