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If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, you're in the right place. "How can I afford the time and money to start a business?" "How can I get enough customers to achieve my goals?" "How can I know if I'm building the right products?" "Where can I get help growing my business?" "How do I grow my business much faster?" "I'm a product person, how will I become a master marketer and salesperson?"

bob warfieldAbout Bob Warfield

I’ve been an entrepreneur and a product person all my life.

I started my first company right out of college, raised venture capital, and built my first successful software product.  It was a spreadsheet called Quattro Pro, and we sold it to Borland which went on to make history with it, selling over $100 million worth in the first year alone.

Since the Quattro Pro experience, I’ve founded two other venture capital startups and lately, I have bootstrapped my latest company, CNCCookbook, from zero to a nice income and 4.5 million visitors a year as a Solopreneur.

I guess you could say I know a thing or two about starting and growing companies, and I’ve been lucky to have learned a lot from some of the best entrepreneurial minds in the business along the way.

Dharmesh is the Founder and CTO of Hubspot.   Thanks Dharmesh! )

Product People Think Differently

What’s unique about this resource, is it comes from the Product Person’s perspective.

What do I mean by a Product Person?

Easy!  Product people are Engineers, Makers, Product People, Creatives, and Artists.  While they may also manage, market, or sell, that’s not where Product People come from usually.

There’s no end of others out there who are born and bred marketing and sales experts speaking to others just like them.  They have a lot to teach too, but there are very few Product People who understand how to do marketing and sales well, and more importantly understand how to help other Product People learn to be master marketers and sellers.

Because they think differently, Product People need two things to succeed.  First, they need a blueprint or system that walks them through what they need to do step-by-step.

No hand waving.  No high level strategies.  They need concrete details that speak directly to what they’re trying to achieve.

Second, they want to know “Why?” about every detail of that step-by-step plan. They’re not interested in being given fish, they want to be fishermen in their own right, to paraphrase the old proverb.

If this all sounds good to you, welcome, you’re in the right place!