Optimizing the Past: Re-publish Old Posts [ How to Automate ]

Optimize the Past:  I’m not talking about Sci Fi Android Cowboys here… Do you optimize the past?   I’m not talking about Sci Fi Android Cowboys here.  I’m talking about re-publishing old blog posts for fun and profit. I first came across the tactic in a Hubspot article called,  “The Blogging Tactic No One Is Talking About: Optimizing the Past.”  It’s all … Read More ›

Why Quicksprout’s Neil Patel is Wrong [ SEO is NOT Dead! ]

I confess, I’m a huge fan of Neil Patel.  He’s #1 on my Top 15 Digital Marketing Masters list, and I have personally profited from a lot of his advice.  This morning, I opened up his latest email about a podcast and was shocked to discover: Neil Patel is totally wrong about the death of SEO and the counter strategies … Read More ›

seo rankbrain strategy map

Google Rankbrain SEO [ Best SEO Strategy Insights in 2018 ]

Brain Dean just came out with the most important SEO insight of 2018.  His article makes it clear that Google’s Rankbrain algorithm changes everything, and it walks you through exactly how that is.  By all means, go and read the article for the details on Rankbrain and a lot of great ideas. Here, I want to summarize the key strategies … Read More ›

Can Hard Work Beat Intelligence? [Hint: Wisdom Beats Both!]

People are curious whether hard work can beat intelligence?  A similar question is “Can hustling harder make up for a lack of native talent?” The reason to wonder is obvious–we can hustle harder, but it is hard to manufacture more talent. Or is it? There’s really 3 things we should be considering, not 2: Hard Work Intelligence Wisdom By Wisdom, … Read More ›

Avinash Kaushik Responds to My AI Cockroaches Post

Avinash has kindly responded to the comment I left on his blog that inspired my AI Cockroaches post. Here was his response, and mine is below it: Bob: Great progress will never come without great skepticism – the people trying to push the world forward need motivation. 🙂 Enough has been already delivered, and you are using it already, to know … Read More ›

Camels to Cars, Artificial Cockroaches, and Will AI Take Your Job?

Avinash Kaushik is a Big Deal in marketing circles.  He’s not as big as our Top 15 Marketing Masters of the Digital World, but few are.  Take my word for it–Avinash knows marketing and a lot of people follow him.  He’s the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google among other things, and he writes a blog called Occam’s Razor. That’s ironic … Read More ›

First Blog Post: How to Become a Blogger With Easy Examples

First blog post jitters?  No idea where to start?  Never thought of yourself as a writer? After you’ve set up your blog, your first task is to start writing posts.  If you’re facing that first blog post as a blank page, you’re probably not thinking about the high level goals very much, so let’s start there. The goal of your … Read More ›

Radical Advice for Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Investors

You’re Marketing like a Mad Man of Madison Avenue and it’s wrong. I know you think you’re on top of the world, and you’ll be shocked that someone would tell you otherwise, but I have some important advice for you. You been going about Startup Marketing all wrong. Most every other aspect of startups has changed radically over the years. … Read More ›