Work Smarter and Get Things Done

Learn to Be Radically More Productive
Getting Things Done

Rolled one too many rocks up the hill?

You’ve probably asked yourself these questions a million times:

  • Why did I sign up for so much?  I’ll never get it all done!
  • How am I ever going to get to do the projects I want to do when I’m too busy with work?
  • Why do some people make huge progress while I work really hard and can’t seem to keep up?
  • I’m exhausted, how much longer can I keep working this many crazy hours?
  • Isn’t there some way I can become radically more productive?

If this sounds like you, then you need a system to radically improve your personal productivity.

Work Smarter and Get Things Done is just the ticket.  It is a video course that teaches you the techniques I’ve used throughout my career to maximize my productivity.  People tell me I get more done than anyone they’ve ever seen, but it’s all about having a system, but it wasn’t always that way.

I was that guy rolling the boulder up the hill.  I was sold on the Classic Entrepreneur Stereotype.   I was young, naive, and I had a bag full of VC money.  I had to accomplish everything before that money ran out, and I was convinced the way to do it was working huge long work weeks.  I could overcome these challenges by sheer force of will.

all about the hustle

That’s what I must have seemed like…

That picture’s what I must have seemed like.  I had my hustle on so hard, I was all muscle, giant loads stacked on, and a little tiny pea brain.

You see, I hadn’t figure out how to Work Smarter yet.

But when the inevitable burnout (and a little maturity) came, I developed a system.  My system helped start the Agile and Scrum programming movements 20 years ago.  These are the techniques the world’s greatest software companies use today to get things done faster.

My system helped the world’s greatest software companies…

Over time, I’ve added a lot more to the system, and it is far more potent than it was.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Work Smarter and Get Things Done:

Lesson One: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Thinking of quitting your Day Job to make time for your venture?  This lesson will walk you through how keeping the Day Job increases your likelihood of success and why.

Lesson Two: The Minimum Viable Mindset

Many will tell you that you can’t be a perfectionist to succeed, but that’s nonsense. Perfectionists can be even more likely to succeed than others once they realize they need to get to their perfect ideal in steps.  The Minimum Viable Mindset will show you how to break down any task into bite-sized pieces that you can get through more easily.

Lesson Three: The Pomodoro Technique

Wouldn’t you like to know what the world’s most popular Productivity Hack is?  We’ll tell you what it is, why it works, and how to use it.  We’ll give you some special software to make it even more effective, and then finish by telling you the #1 Secret to Entrepreneurial Success.  You’re gonna love this lesson!

Lesson Four: Eliminate Distractions

It sounds really obvious–eliminate distractions and you’ll be more productive.  But, like anything else, there are skills and secrets that work better than others.  Want to know my secret weapon?  It’s a free app called Noisli that puts my mind in a distraction free meditative state letting me achieve total focus.  I’ll teach you about Noisli and many other tricks to maximize your focus by eliminating distractions.

Lesson Five: Agile Backlog

Up to this point we’ve shown you how to be more Efficient.  In the last lesson, we’ll teach you the most important thing of all–how to be more Effective.  Effectiveness is a function of knowing how to prioritize so you’re always working on the most important Next Step for Your Success.

Plus this BONUS

ToDo Wizard

In exchange for joining Work Smarter, you’ll receive our ToDo Wizard software completely for free.  I normally charge $79 a year or $269 to purchase software that contains ToDo Wizard, but you get it just for being a part of this course.

You Have My Attention, But What Does It Cost?

When you add it all up, what would this course be worth to you?  What could you do with all the extra hours it would liberate?

For most people, the value of extra time is huge.  After all, it’s tough to get more hours into the day.  But, because I am so excited about helping others to be able to try these methods, I will give you this course absolutely free.

That’s right — the course is FREE!

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