Critical Mass Download and Install

Download and Run Critical Mass on your PC in 3 Easy Steps

1. Download the file for the type of machine you use by clicking on the link below:

– Download PC EXE File

2. After you click the file link, your browser will download the file and it will appear in the lower left corner of the browser window.

Click the button to run the installer. Make sure Critical Mass is not open before you run the installer.

When the installer finishes running, the software will open.

Certificate Warning?

Periodically, we upgrade the digital certificate in the software that certifies where it came from. The certificate enhances the security of the software from hacking, so it’s important for us to keep it up to date. When we change it, you’ll receive a certificate warning. When that happens you need to manually uninstall the prior version before install will work. Use the Windows Control Panel or on Macs, drag the old version to the trash. Once that’s done, re-run the install and it should be fine.

3. Once Critical Mass is open, it’s time to login. Just press the Login button near the top right corner of the software.

When the popup appears, type in the email address you used to subscribe or register and Critical Mass will log you in. You’re ready to go!