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How To Use Evergreen Traffic Drivers So Your Blog Grows While You Sleep

5.0 01 Smart Pas·sive In·come /smärt ˈpasiv ˈinˌkəm/ Building online businesses that take advantage of systems of automation that allow transactions, cash flow, and growth to happen without requiring a real-time presence. That’s Pat Flynn’s definition, and what a brilliant concept.  I don’t know if Pat Flynn coined it or not, but he owns it now and it surely does resonate.  It’s … Read More ›

Michael Hyatt: Marketing Master Profile

5.0 01 Marketing Master Profile for Michael Hyatt.  What’s This? I first learned about Michael Hyatt when Amy Porterfield mentioned him.  He’s had quite a career and moved from being the Chairman and CEO of a large book publisher to his second career as an entrepreneur.  Towards that end, he styles himself as a virtual mentor for his audience.   Let’s … Read More ›

content marketing institute marketing master profile

Content Marketing Institute: Marketing Master Profile

5.0 01 Marketing Master Profile for Content Marketing Institute.  What’s This? Content Marketing Institute is a wonderful content marketing resource that I discovered relatively late in the game while researching some topics. Let’s take a look at their profile numbers: Ranked number 6 among the Top 15 Marketing Masters, Content Marketing Institute has a solid 1.1 million visits a month. Their … Read More ›

copyblogger marketing master profile

Copyblogger: Marketing Master Profile

5.0 01 Marketing Master Profile for Copyblogger.  What’s This? Copyblogger is one of my favorite content marketing blogs.  Their manifesto exactly matches the results I want to get from my own content marketing efforts: Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage. Valuable information that attracts … Read More ›

brian dean marketing master profile

Brian Dean: Marketing Master Profile

5.0 03 Marketing Master Profile for Brian Dean.  What’s This? Brian Dean is a phenom.  He hasn’t been around all that long, but has climbed to the top of the game. He got there despite creating very little content relative to his peers, because all of it is powerful. It’s detailed, to the point, and solid gold value for his … Read More ›

econsultancy.com marketing master profile

EConsultancy.com: Marketing Master Profile

5.0 01 Marketing Master Profile for Econsultancy.com.  What’s This? I discover new marketing experts to follow in a variety of ways.  Sometimes through roundups of experts.  Sometimes through recommendations via someone I already follow.  And sometimes because I’m really trying to do some deep research on some topic. I started following econsultancy.com’s blog because it kept coming up in my … Read More ›

How to Fix Your Biggest Problem Converting Visitors to Customers

5.0 01 I came across a question on Quora recently–“Converstion Optimization: What is the best strategy for turning website visitors into leads?” It’s a great question, but I thought the answers were pretty underwhelming: The more SEO you have the more credibility.  Huh?  I don’t get that one.  I suppose he’s saying higher ranking search results are more credible? Use … Read More ›

Introducing: Marketing Master Profiles [Guide to the World’s Best Marketers]

5.0 04 Big Data is all the rage these days and one can easily find many articles about businesses gaining some advantage or other by analyzing their data.  Can we use a similar approach to understand who has the best answers in marketing? Yes!  Follow the Top 15 Master Marketers and you shall learn much, young padawan. What are Marketing … Read More ›

neil patel marketing master profile

Neil Patel: Marketing Master Profile

2.1 09 Marketing Master Profile for Neil Patel.  What’s This? Neil Patel has been one of my favorite online marketing mentors for a long time.  I read his blog posts religiously from both Neilpatel.com and Quicksprout.com.  It’s entirely fitting that his is the first Marketing Master Profile I publish and that his is also #1 and #2 among the Top … Read More ›

11 Instant Traffic Hacks to Build Your Business (#5 is our favorite)

5.0 05 You’ve just launched a new blog or other website and you’re wondering what it’s going to take to get some traffic.  The answer is simple: You’ve got to promote your content on other websites! Don’t wait for traffic to discover you because it may never happen.  You’ve got to go where the traffic is and try to divert … Read More ›