[7 Helpful Recipes] Find cool ideas for your first blog post

Every new blogger wonders, “How will I ever find a cool idea for my first blog post?” Not long after, they’re wondering how to find enough cool ideas to keep writing a blog with enough posts every week to grow a fanatical tribe. Guess what–it’s easier than you’d think! There are so many great sources for ideas, I never have … Read More ›

Truth and Lies About Cold Calls, Cold Emails, and Advertising

Doing a lot of cold calling, cold emailing, and advertising? The trouble with blogging is you’re always in the middle of the discussion.  There’s not time to lay out the story right from the beginning to get everyone on the same page. Take the subject of cold calls, cold, emails, advertising, and outbound marketing in general.  Personally, I don’t think … Read More ›

Your Guide to the Best Analytics of the Marketing Masters

Image credit:  This seriously cool site for game designers… Have you ever stood on the shoulders of giants to see further? I do every chance I get, at least metaphorically.  It’s one reason I’ve been so successful and productive.  Why reinvent the wheel if you can have a chance to learn how the giants do it? My first task for … Read More ›

Noah Kagan: Master Marketing Profile

Marketing Master Profile for Noah Kagan.  What’s This? I’ve been using Noah Kagan’s SumoMe popup suite since I can remember.  And I’ve taken advantage of the amazing deals for entrepreneur’s tools many times on his AppSumo business.  Noah had to be one of my Top 15 Marketing Masters of the Digital Universe, he’s just too good to miss. So how … Read More ›

facebook pixel tips and tricks

Facebook Pixel Trick [Save Money and Make Your Ads Convert Better]

Do you use the Facebook Pixel? You should.  It lets Facebook monitor what folks are doing on your site and use the information to control who sees your Facebook Ads.  By only showing the ads to people who’ve visited your site, you can really increase the conversion rates because they’re already warmed up to your site.  You can even target … Read More ›

website traffic growth strategy lifecycle

Blueprint for Growing Traffic Each Stage of a Website’s Life

Every website owner wants to know the best way to grow their website’s traffic. But here’s the thing–every website is different.  Not all of the differences matter, but one difference makes a huge impact.  That’s the lifecycle stage your website is in.  Depending on the stage, your goals, strategy, and steps to grow are different. Here are the three stages … Read More ›

quora drives traffic fast is a good source

How Quora Launched My Website Traffic [It’s a Good Source!]

Is Quora a good source of traffic for a new website? Heck yeah!  Woohoo!  Can’t say enough good things! Folks, it’s the #1 traffic source for my new web site I have discovered so far by a wide margin.  I wrote recently that Quora was my favorite instant traffic hack out of the 11 I’ve tested so far and I also … Read More ›

pat flynn marketing master profile

Pat Flynn: Marketing Master Profile

Marketing Master Profile for Pat Flynn.  What’s This? I first learned about Pat Flynn when a friend mentioned him as one of his leading online mentors.  Pat’s definition of “Smart Passive Income” is the ideal for many online entrepreneurs: Smart Pas·sive In·come /smärt ˈpasiv ˈinˌkəm/ Building online businesses that take advantage of systems of automation that allow transactions, cash flow, and growth to happen without … Read More ›