Start With an Audience Not a Product If You Want to Win

Find your Audience first… Many Entrepreneurs identify too much with their product or idea.  They want to go from a product idea to a plan for success.  But that’s not the best way and if you insist on following that approach, it can often lead into a long blind alley. Here’s a question I saw on Quora recently: I want … Read More ›

mailchimp alternatives sad monkey

Better Than Mailchimp? [ Learn When to Upgrade ]

Don’t get me wrong–I love Mailchimp and I used it for years as my main email provider.  I looked at a lot of packages when I started, things like Constant Contact and AWeber, but nothing beat the simplicity and core features of Mailchimp. And then I outgrew it. Note:  If you’re at the very beginning of your online marketing journey, … Read More ›

all about the hustle

Bush League Tactic #1: Hustle Harder

If you’ve spent any time at all looking for help starting or growing your small business, you will have come across the “Hustle Harder” crowd.  They’re going to tell you they or some other prominent success story got ahead by giving up absolutely everything, becoming a total workaholic, and grinding out 100+ hour work weeks. Invariably these guys are Young … Read More ›

Desperate to Find Marketing Help For Your Small Business?

Desperate to find marketing help for your small business?  I don’t blame you.  It’s really tough to do.  Almost impossible, in fact. Your choices are not happy ones: Go with the Big Name Firm, realizing that you’re such a small fish to them you’re going to get their B-, C-, or even the D-Team working on your account and they’re … Read More ›