The Advertising-Based Web 2.0 World is Losing Its Anti-Gravity Ray Too

I wrote recently that Google is losing its Anti-Gravity Ray.  By this I don’t mean that Google is by any means over, merely that it will increasingly have to obey the ordinary laws of physics and deal with delivering real financial results that include a close focus on profitability and not just growth.  It’s not a harsh sentence at all, … Read More ›

Google Anti-Gravity Ray is Fading

When a company has a monopoly on an extremely valuable franchise that is growing rocket fast, all sorts of unreasonable things happen.  That company levitates.  Almost no amount of spending can bring it down to Earth.  Until, that is, the growth begins to slow.  At that point the anti-gravity ray starts to fade.  What usually happens first is a profitability … Read More ›

More Microhoo Jerking Around

What a soap opera.  Aren’t you getting tired of hearing about it?  And which is worse, the drama between the players themselves (counting Carl Icahn as a player), or all the hangers on and armchair quarterbacks? Michael Arrington is mad.  Boy, do you remember those old TV commercials? “Hi.  My name is Eddie Childs and I’m mad.”  (Amazingly, could find … Read More ›