Google’s Paid Click Rates: Google Needs the Best Clicks

More gnashing and moaning about Google’s paid clicks says Larry Dignan.  This is one of the factors that’s hammered Google’s stock prices as the world worries that Google is slowing down suddenly.  There’s been a lot of back and forth, and Google for its part say they triggered some of this by changing how things work to improve the quality … Read More ›

Are Entrepreneurs Happier Than Others?

From Fred Wilson’s great post “Ten Questions About Entrepreneurs” comes one that invites comment: Are Entrepreneurs Happier Than Others? Having founded 3 startups, I am generally a happy person.  I am happiest when my day is entirely entrepreneurial: doing what entrepreneurs do best.  I agree with Fred’s definition of what they do, BTW, which is turning ideas into businesses.  The … Read More ›

How To Fix Venture Capital, Part 2: The Opening is As Important as the Endgame

Umair Haque has a post getting a fair amount of attention on “How to Fix Venture Capital.”  It is in response to Fred Wilson’s post about needing a New Path to Liquidity. I don’t mean to be too annoying to our esteemed colleagues in VC, but isn’t it just like a VC to worry about the endgame rather than the … Read More ›

Entrepreneurs Need a Portfolio Effect Too

Startups involve tremendous uncertainty.  The financial world for a long time has realized that an important tool to use in controlling risk is diversification.  This is the so-called portfolio effect, and is the modern realization that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. I was recently having a conversation with a CEO coach.  He was helping out a … Read More ›

Why Fred Wilson is Wrong About Streaming Music Taking Over for Files

Fred has a new post up that says streaming music will take over for files in just a few years: Yes, it’s true that listeners will still want to own files for a few more years. There are places and devices that can’t get high bandwidth wireless Internet access, like my macbook pro which I am writing this on the … Read More ›