The Hidden Gems that Social Graphs Bring to Light claims to be able to predict which startups are more likely to succeed.  While I hesitate to endorse the idea that their predictions are accurate, the methods are quite interesting.  According to the NY Times that introduced YouNoodle from stealth: their algorithm uses sophisticated modeling pertaining to how social capital and networks can affect an organization’s performance. They also … Read More ›

Microsoft + Yahoo the Only Counter-Google Combination that Makes Sense? (The Force is Strong in Another One)

Microsoft’s unsolicited bid for Yahoo sure has the blogosphere working overtime.  There are lists of what products will stay or go.  The answer is that those products that are aligned with Microsoft’s strategic intentions and are not redundant will stay, but they will have to be rewritten to fit those strategic intentions in Microsoft’s de riguer .NET tool set.  Some … Read More ›