Choice Wins Almost As Well As Free. Offering Both is a World Beater

HBO is going to begin a trial where it puts some of its shows online at no charge.  The service, called HBO on Broadband, will be starting this week to subscribers in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wis., then it will spread to other parts of the country. The free service will allow access to about 400 hours of movies and original … Read More ›

From the Department of Facebook Just Can’t Stay Out of Trouble…

This just in: Robert Scoble, he of the 5,000 friends and can’t sign up any more, has been blocked from Facebook for trying to download his social graph.  Apparently he ran a script provided to him by Plaxo that was aimed at connecting the two worlds together.  All it did was gather the name, email, and birthday of his Facebook … Read More ›