Web Familiarity Breeds Contempt?

Web Familiarity Breeds Contempt?Rate this post Fred Wilson writes a cautionary tale of Techmeme.  He’s watched his own and other blogs written by individuals fall off Techmeme to have their place taken by professional news services and other aggregators.  He has some concern that part of it may be his writing isn’t as interesting as it was when it was … Read More ›

Stop the Advertising, Please!

Stop the Advertising, Please!Rate this post IBM has released a fascinating report that heralds what it calls the end of advertising.  One of the more fascinating items in the report is the result that 11% of those surveyed would pay a small premium to have a service without advertising.  This is something I’ve proposed before, and I believe it would … Read More ›

It’s Time to Monetize the Social Networks

It’s Time to Monetize the Social NetworksRate this post It’s time to monetize the social networks.  They’re near their hype peaks, significant competitive activity from Google is at the doorstep, and they’ve gotten really big and have commensurate large burn rates.  MySpace alone has hired 150 people from places like Google, Microsoft, and eBay to focus on monetization.  That’s real … Read More ›